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Regulatory application submission for only $1500

Limited time seat sale

For a limited time you can have Proven submit applications to the regulator for only $1500.

For less than half of the price found anywhere else you can have the best submission service in the industry.

We can do applications cheaper and faster than you can do them yourself. How many weeks would it take you to put an application together? Our record is 4 days.

We've submitted 1000 applications to regulators. We know exactly how to get your approval the quickest.

Get your $1500 application submitted

Applications to the Regulator

At Proven Reserves, we are experts in regulatory applications for oil and gas development. To provide expertise, we maintain an established relationship with the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER). This provides us insight on concise application preparation, approval time estimates, and the impact of regulatory trends.

Proven Reserves can give you a money-back guarantee approval for your application. Our track record is just that good.

But if you don't need a guarantee, we can slap a quick and dirty application together. You supply the technical. And you answer the regulator's concerns.

Or, if you prefer, we can advise you about how to prepare your application, provide you with some examples, and audit your application before its submitted. It's like a Do-It-Yourself project with an expert craftsman giving you instructions.

The Proven Sure Approval difference

We’ve submitted over 1000 regulatory applications, each one specifically created to avoid hidden regulatory traps and take full advantage of the most recent regulatory changes. We read between the regulation lines to ensure you get the most flexible approval.

Some months up to 50% of the applications get rejected by the AER instead of getting approved. But we have a money-back guarantee -- your application will be approved.

We have 42 strategies to ensure your application does not get held up in red tape and loopholes.

Should your application hit serious roadblocks, we have experience in negotiation with the AER to avoid application refusal, and mitigate with application objections.

On three quarters of the applications, the AER analysts call or write with questions and concerns. Handling these is like handling horses. If you know what you’re doing and how to handle them, you get a smooth ride. If you don’t know how to handle them, you can get kicked and thrown. Your application could be closed and you could end up on the noncompliance list. We know exactly what to feed the regulators to make a smooth ride.

Our experienced team will guide your application from the initial conception stage to the final AER disposition, enabling the AER to process the application as quickly and efficiently as possible.

What’s the downside if your application gets rejected by the regulator?

Can't afford a guarantee? Let us advise you.

You can use our expertise cheap and cheery. Have us advise you about your application.

We will explain how to create your application. We'll supply similar applications so you can see what's required.

We'll also supply a few closed (refused) applications so you can see what things to avoid.

Before you submit the application, we'll audit it for you and point out any traps.

If the regulator has questions or concerns with your application, you can call us for advice. We'll advise on how you might proceed.

We have expertise with the following Regulatory Applications:

  1. Equity
    1. Down-spacing
    2. Holdings
    3. Compulsory Pooling
    4. Special Drill Spacing Unit (Downspacing and Holdings)
  2. Conservation
    1. Down-spacing
    2. Holdings
    3. Enhanced Recovery Scheme (ER)
    4. Water-floods
    5. Polymer floods
    6. Concurrent Production (CCP)
    7. Pool Delineation and Ultimate Reserves
    8. Flaring permits, Otherwise flared gas, Discontinue gas conservation
  3.  Production Control
    1. Commingled Production
    2. Good Production Practice (GPP)
    3. Gas-Oil Ratio Penalty Relief
  4.  Disposal/Storage
    1. Class I-IV Disposal
  5. Waste Disposition Reporting

We also partner with AppIntel. AppIntel is a data service that helps you find information about applications. Fast.

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