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Proven Reserves Exploitation Ltd. has to contact surface, mineral and lessor owners when applying for an application.  In compliance with AER (Alberta’s Energy Regulator) policy, our company sends notification letters to surface owners and mineral owner within the application area, mineral owners and lessors within one drilling spacing unit around the application area.  This letter contains information regarding what Proven Reserves’ client intends to do within the application area, and who to contact if you have questions or concerns.

Three types of people we notify

As required by the Alberta Energy Regulator (“AER”) on behalf of clients Proven prepares notification letters to the following people:

Surface owners are people who live or have an economical activity on the surface of the hydrocarbon reserves. This includes but is not limited to farmers, trappers, grazers and residents.
The notification process encourages you to address any concern you may have.

The Crown, government, owns most of the mineral rights in the province of Alberta with certain exceptions. The province is divided into blocks of 1 square mile that are leased for exploitation.

Two adjacent blocks may be leased to different oil companies but the hydrocarbons underneath may extend from one block to the other. The only one to establish a fair play for everyone is to create a buffer zone. For example, your neighbor cannot drill within 50 meters from the boundary of his block.

Why is that? It protects you from drainage of your hydrocarbons from your neighbor because he could drill a well on the boundary with your section and drain hydrocarbons from your section.

Thus, every company with petroleum and natural gas rights within and adjacent to the application area must be notified.

Freehold mineral owner is a person or company that owns the mineral rights underneath the surface instead of the Crown. The freeholder must also be notified for the same purposes.

Who should I talk to?

You can contact us for any concerns or questions. We welcome any discussion prior to submitting the application to the AER.
Please contact Granger Low at 218-7000 or for any questions.

What kind of person is he?

Granger is a professional engineer. 

What can he do for me?

He can address your questions and if you have any objections, he will also include your objection into the application. Once included in the application AER will review and accept or move your objection to a well licensee application for the specific area.

What do engineers do?

Engineering is the professional application of math, chemistry and physics.  Engineers have a responsibility to use their training and understanding to protect the public.

Petroleum engineers apply math, chemistry and physics to the study of underground oil and gas accumulations.  As engineers, we provide estimates of how much oil and gas is in the ground and how to best extract it.  Our engineers also have a strong understanding of the regulations involved in the oil and gas industry.


Why is a company hiring you to talk to me?

Companies hire us because we have the best approval rate in the industry besides submitting over 1000 applications in Alberta, Saskatchewan and British Columbia. We provide consulting work from the conceptual design of applications to the disposition documents (start to finish) and this includes notifications.

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