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Who are we?

Proven Reserves Exploitation Ltd. is a Calgary-based consulting company specialized in Reservoir and Production Engineering, with over 15 years experience in economic evaluations, acquisitions and divestures.

Our team consists of engineers coming from different backgrounds like oil and gas field operations, chemical plant operations, simulations and production engineering.

As principal of Proven Reserves Exploitation Ltd., Granger J. Low brings more than 20 years of experience in economic evaluations, acquisitions, divestures and production engineering.  He has a master’s degree in engineering from the University of Calgary specializing in well testing.  Granger has extensive experience within the Western Canadian Sedimentary Basin and the Northwest Territories. Previous appointments include reservoir engineering work with: Pelican Peak Resources, Koch Exploration, Husky Oil and Canterra Energy - in a variety of engineering, evaluations and management functions. Granger has worked with talented multidisciplinary teams with whom he has added the value of at least 100 times his salary every year.

What do we do?

Specialized in regulatory applications, reservoir and production engineering using tried and proven techniques, Proven Reserves brings a wealth of knowledge to each evaluation project.

Proven Reserves Exploitation Ltd. are experts in regulatory applications for oil and gas development. Our experienced team will guide your application from the initial conception stage to the final AER disposition, enabling the AER to process the application as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Also, Proven Reserves offers consulting work in reservoir engineering varying from data catalog to simulations. Our experienced staff uses the top of the line technologies and proven methodologies in our simulations.

Example:  Not long ago, Proven Reserves provided consulting work to a large oil and gas company. We used petro-physics software to investigate the homogeneity of a gas pool in a field. The end result was the discovery of other potential gas zones where Proven Reserves suggested additional perfs.  The client acted on our suggestions, which added 2 million dollars of additional reserve value.


  • Economics Evaluations – Merak PEEP, Petrosoft ERGO, Landmark Aries

  • Acquisitons/Divestures – Evaluating data-rooms to look for upside value

  • Production Engineering – Writing workover programs, artificial lift

  • Reserves Estimation – Volumetrics, Material Balance, decline

  • Pressure Transient Testing – Fekete Software, Using PTA to find value

  • Production Forecasting – Decline, material balance simulation (MBAL)

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