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At Proven Reserves we want to make sure that all your questions are answered! Below are some of our more frequently asked questions and if you have a question that is not answered please use the quick contact form to the right to send us your question!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) What is reservoir engineering?

A) Reservoir engineering is a subdivision of petroleum engineering; the mission of reservoir engineers is to maximize the economic recovery of hydrocarbons from the subsurface. The Proven Reserves Exploitation’s reservoir engineering team uses creative applications with tried and true exploitation technology to find additional reserves and value for clients quickly and economically. 

Some of the applications the Proven team uses are numerical reservoir modeling, economic modeling, decline and PVT analysis of reservoir hydrocarbons, production forecasting and work over planning.  In order to maximize a reservoir’s recovery, lead engineers will provide clients with a field development plan.  These plans include cost effective ways of depleting the reservoir such as gas injection and waterflooding.

Q) What is regulatory?  Why is it important?

A) The Energy Resources Conservation Board (ERCB) serves Albertans as an agency that regulates the province’s energy resources.  The ERCB ensures the safe and efficient development of Alberta’s energy resources through stringent surveillance at almost every step of an energy project’s life.

Q) How big a company are you?

A) Proven Reserves Exploitation Ltd. is a small company that assists larger global oil producing companies with their exploitation needs.  Proven Reserves team consists of around 15 employees.

Q) What are your hours of work?

A) Proven Reserves provides each employee with an 8-hour workday, generally 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday through Friday.

Q) Who is working at Proven?

A) Proven Reserves employs engineers from a variety of backgrounds. The key to Proven’s success is hiring an engineer with petroleum field experience.  This experience provides each engineer with a background to the industry and the appropriate skills in order to complete the client’s job in a professional manner.

Q) Employees contact information?

A)  All proven employees can be contacted phone at 218-7000 or by fax at 261-6780

Q) What do you do, day to day?

A) Explained above.

Q) Compensation and benefits of the company?


Q) Why is this company good to work for?

A) Proven Reserves Exploitation Ltd. is a great company to work for because it offers employees a chance to start as a Reservoir Engineer EIT and work their way up to a Professional Engineer level.  Along the way an EIT will learn reservoir characteristics and Alberta Regulations.  They will work alongside other EIT and P.ENG on various projects like holdings, waterfloods, compulsory pooling, and commingles. Due to the size of the company, an EIT can learn a great deal in a short period of time.


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